Join in the Quest for Family History

My family history includes Mayflower and other early families in New England, Dutch settlers in New Amsterdam, and Germans and Swiss who arrived in 1710 and the mid-1800s. While I am very pleased to have traced many of my lines to these immigrants and sometimes to their European villages, there remain questions, even mysteries.

This blog will focus on news of interest to genealogists and on my ancestral lines. Hopefully, it will aid in breaking down some brick walls for all of us -- with your help! You are welcome to add your own mysteries as comments to any posts below. As genealogists, we know the value of sharing information and working together.

We pool our resources, work together to solve family puzzles... and readily admit that our work is never done. There will always be new information that can upset our carefully drawn conclusions and our cherished history. We carefully consider all the "facts," weigh all the evidence, base our assumptions on only the best logic... and sit back and wait for the long-lost manuscript to be rescued from a garage sale or an aging relative's attic. Let's work together to unearth that old manuscript, or letter, or diary, or bible -- or scrap of paper -- that strengthens our family history.

Will you help? I promise to share everything I know or believe is true, as well as the mysteries and theories, but only for nonliving people. You will not find living people in my online data.

Remember to add your own mysteries to the Comments section! Everyone is welcome to participate. Maybe you too will have that exciting breakthrough.

Happy ancestor hunting!

Friday, April 19, 2013

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Monday, April 08, 2013

My Surnames

Just for fun.... 

These are all the surnames in my pedigree since the early 1600s. I'm researching all of them, so if anyone is looking for, or has information about, any of them, check my websites for details and contact me if you find anything of interest: or

Ancestral Surnames:

Adriense, Alberts, Alerts, Allen, Annable, Ariens, Arnold, Atkins, Avenal, Avery, Bachiler, Backus, Barents, Barnes, Baumann, Bernhardt, Betts, Betzer, Bez, Bilung, Bitzer, Blanchan, larcum, Bodat, Bogart, Bowerman, Bradt, Braggermann, Braun, Brewster, Breyandt, Bruegge, Burckhardt, Burges, Burgundy, Burkhardt, Burges, Burgundy, Butler, Carman, Carstensen, Cary, Casslen, Castlen, Cerant, Chase, Claflen, Claghorn, Clifton, Constantine, Cocke/Cook, Cool/Kohl, Coon, Crispel, Daufenbach, Davids, De Duytscher, De Fuh/De For, de Gand, de Grauw, de Hooges, Demuth, Diederich, Dietrich, Dipple, Dircx, Dopf, Duntschmann, Duytscher, Eberhardt, Eckardt, Edgeley, Every, Ewer, Falckenberg, Fauth, Feller, Flegeler, Flugler, Fones, Frantz, Freeman, Freer, Friederich, Froelich, Gardenier, Geib, Giffard, Gifford, Giles, Glimp, Godfrey, Goertzen, Grant, Grice, Griffin, Habig, Haight, Haiton, Halm, Harmse, Harper, Hart, Hatch, Hauser, Havens, Heale, Hendrickse, Henrich, Hewes, Hoannes, Hoffman, Holley/Holway, Hopper, Hoyt, Huff, Hull, Illium, Jaeger, Jans, Jansen, Johnson, Joire, Jorden, Jorisse, Joyse, Ketcher, Keyser, Kip, Koch,  Kraemer, Krost, Kuhn/Coon, La Bonte, Lauermann, Le Blan, Le Roy, Lee, Leick, Lewis, Lover, Lubberts, Marinessen, Metzelaer, Michael, Momford, Montaros, Mantras, Montross, Muller, Noble, Normer, Oosteroom/Ostrom, Ostrander, Parker, Partridge, Peak, Peck, Penniman, Perry, Pier, Pitcher, Post, Pratt, Prence, Pudley, Pysing, Quint, Rapp, Rau/Rauch, Reiffenberg, Reisdorf, Relje, Remagen, Remington, Reyniers, Ritter, Roosa, Rossler, Rowley, Schaffer, Schauermann/Showerman, Schaufelein, Scheerburch, Schenckmann, Schertz/Shirts, Schild, Scleicher, Schneider, Schoomaker, Schot, Schreiber, Schreiber, Schryver, Schumacher, Schurtz/Shirtz, Showerman/Schauerman, Simons, Singer, Smith, Snyder, Sommer, Southard, Spooner, Spurgin, Stahl, Stark, Starkes, Steinkopf, Steiver/Stuber, Stowers, Surrey, Suylandt, Swartwout, Swift, Teddeman, Thyssen, Tigges, Tilden, Tipple, Tracey, Tragner, Traphagen, Treher, Turner, Van Amersfoort, Van Bloemendaal, Van Bunschoten, Van Ceulen, Van Etten, Van Gouts, Van Keulen, Van Leeuwen, Van Salee, Van Steenberg, Velder, Wager, Westcott, Westervelt, Whitmore, Willemsen, Williams, Winegar, Wing, Winninger, Wolleben, Wops, Worden, Wust, Wyberseen, Zimmermann, Zuyland

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Special price at 23andMe

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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Breakthrough in Human Genome Studies

The New York Times' lead story today is about the incredible advances just announced in the study of human disease and traits. The story can be found here. Another excellent story is in Discover magazine. The discovery of "switches" in what was once considered "junk DNA" that control how cells, organs and other tissues behave may finally lead to understanding the complexities of cancer, depression, high blood pressure and many other health issues that are difficult to predict and treat.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Video Channel

I was thrilled to find a new video channel sponsored by Family Tree DNA, my favorite company for DNA testing for genealogical purposes. There are several videos that explain and describe many aspects of DNA testing:


Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Great Research Aid

I have to share with all of you a very exciting resource. Go to for free access to this collection. You can, for example, search all the archives available in any city you choose. Or you can search on a name and see where that name is found in records held by all the archives in the system. Remember, all archives do not necessarily belong to Worldcat, but many do and you may not be aware of some that are in your own backyard, or in areas where your ancestors lived. I certainly did not know of many that turned up in a simple search of a single surname.

Happy ancestor hunting!